enclosed font

Here's an ugly, werid font I made out of { } from helvetica. I don't know how to feel about it? Some letters are ugly, others have fun personality... like the b, c, e, g, i, j, k, o, y... yes i like the y? werid.

Urban Outfitters called me and said they really loved my portfolio and would like to set up an interview with me in Philly. I am so happy! Even if I don't get the job, it's a dream come true to just know that they loved my work! Oh, & as for Natural Awakening they're not hiring. But I have been freelancing with this Company, Elca from Gainesville which has been going good.

Things I have been working on:
+Learning Dreamweaver (better)
+Emily Campbell's posters, flyers, etc. for her art opening in Baltimore.
+Molly Brady's website (mollyalice.com) not done! but in the process
+A page for Lunchbox's book (RIP)
+Mild Sex and Whiskey Breath's album art work
+Trying to stay sane!

A friend just sent me a font called FIG. I can't get enough of it!


Free People

For the Free People Portfolio:

Some of the process work....


I am working on updating my website with my lastest work but so far this is it: