Happy Mocassins

I couldn't decide which color I liked best! This is another one of my Native American inspired projects! It looks very modern still and I like where its going! 


Native American Plaid

I am falling in love with Plaid & Native American jewelry. The other month Preston went to Silver Eagle (one of my favorite shops) and bought me beaded earrings. I loved the pattern so much and wonder what it would be like to make Plaid/Native American Pattern together! 

Be Well,


Rocking Chairs & Butterflies

I made this a while ago but when I looked back at it today, it reminded me of my grandpa so I thought I'd post it. It would look good silkscreened. 

Oh, I just realized a little bit of the flower is cut off? Oh well, you get the picture. 

Warm Regards,

Design-A-Bag Contest for Free People! My Design:

Good Rhythms

I made this design about a month ago and wanted to silkscreen it and frame it for friends & family to hang in there house. Maybe even sell some of them? I think it would look lovely in a white frame with a huge white mat to border it. 

Good Rhythms,