F&T Posters

These are the poster I designed for Food and Thought. I want better pictures of them but I am waiting for the new part of the store to open up so they will take down the white paper behind them.



Menu Stand

Outdoor Menu Designed for Food and Thought. The bottom of the stand is old vegetable boxes. I used a dremel tool to cut into the wood for the "MENU" part.



Best Wishes

The alphabet is beautiful - the art of communication with symbols. When I think of modern day type I am influenced by Marian Bantjes. Her work makes me look at letters in a whole new light. I am not set on these colors but I do like that they are funky and something I usually don't do.



Circle Flowers

Working on a NEW website - notice the new type for Amanda Woodward? I took out the crossbar on the A's. The image next to the logo is one of the pattern series that I am starting which I will be silkscreening.



Old Sketches

These were from freshman year in college. I threw most of my stuff away because I was going into graphic design and I thought this wasn't something I needed to know or have with me. Now I wish I did.



Oil Painting

When I was 13 my grandma (who was an amazing painter) showed me how to use oil paints one day. I painted a landscape from North Carolina. After that day, like most 13 year olds I lost interests quickly. In College, I took a painting class but that was with acrylics. Now 10 years later I am painting with oils again and I really enjoy it. I am still waiting for the paint to dry a little more so I can finish them. But it's coming along...



Animal Spirits

This took me all day to do, but I love it! I am going to silkscreen it one of these days.



Early Summer

Of course there are more but I can't scan walls, cars, and every napkin I can get my hands on :]


"A" Logo

So, I wanted to make a logo for myself and some that could work as a splash page for my website. This is a quick sketch of what I was thinking... 



Happy Mocassins

I couldn't decide which color I liked best! This is another one of my Native American inspired projects! It looks very modern still and I like where its going! 


Native American Plaid

I am falling in love with Plaid & Native American jewelry. The other month Preston went to Silver Eagle (one of my favorite shops) and bought me beaded earrings. I loved the pattern so much and wonder what it would be like to make Plaid/Native American Pattern together! 

Be Well,


Rocking Chairs & Butterflies

I made this a while ago but when I looked back at it today, it reminded me of my grandpa so I thought I'd post it. It would look good silkscreened. 

Oh, I just realized a little bit of the flower is cut off? Oh well, you get the picture. 

Warm Regards,

Design-A-Bag Contest for Free People! My Design:

Good Rhythms

I made this design about a month ago and wanted to silkscreen it and frame it for friends & family to hang in there house. Maybe even sell some of them? I think it would look lovely in a white frame with a huge white mat to border it. 

Good Rhythms,


enclosed font

Here's an ugly, werid font I made out of { } from helvetica. I don't know how to feel about it? Some letters are ugly, others have fun personality... like the b, c, e, g, i, j, k, o, y... yes i like the y? werid.

Urban Outfitters called me and said they really loved my portfolio and would like to set up an interview with me in Philly. I am so happy! Even if I don't get the job, it's a dream come true to just know that they loved my work! Oh, & as for Natural Awakening they're not hiring. But I have been freelancing with this Company, Elca from Gainesville which has been going good.

Things I have been working on:
+Learning Dreamweaver (better)
+Emily Campbell's posters, flyers, etc. for her art opening in Baltimore.
+Molly Brady's website (mollyalice.com) not done! but in the process
+A page for Lunchbox's book (RIP)
+Mild Sex and Whiskey Breath's album art work
+Trying to stay sane!

A friend just sent me a font called FIG. I can't get enough of it!


Free People

For the Free People Portfolio:

Some of the process work....


I am working on updating my website with my lastest work but so far this is it: